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MPT is NOT an adult industry company!
We are a disability assisting Company for your health & wellness and quality of life.

MPT wEBSITE is recommended *PG15* in content APPROPRIATENESS

Mechancial Precision Technology, LLC is for your health & wellness

MPT is NOT an adult industry company, we are a disability assisting device for your health & wellness. 

Mechanical Precision Technology, LLC
®™ parameters were established to be inclusive with common PG-15 guidelines, so stay comfortable and enjoy our developing website.  

At MPT®™ we represent the only personal Device website committed in providing a new standard in appropriate content when representing our Personal Assisting Disability Device. We rise above others in how this subject is presented in the Public forum. Here at Mechanical Precision Technology, LLC®™ we are consummate professionals in the development of an amazing personal disability gratification and safe-sex device that never presents inappropriate visuals or verbiage. Always expect the highest in appropriate content and visually accepted content from this MPT, LLC®™ website.  

Please  remember, be attentive to your surroundings when viewing MPT Website with the much younger readers hovering around you,  Mechanical Precision Technology, LLC does NOT contain adult explicit content or nudity, we help solve real and personal adult issues.  MPT content discussions is not for their young developing minds.  We are always thoughtful and never use any inappropriate words, references, or nudity.  

Contact us directly for additional information and custom order requests at or call us at 985-401-2019 and we will respond within 24hrs.

Enjoy MPT, LLC ®™ Wellness Devices and Disability Safe-Sex Aided Products, all rights reserved.   

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MPT is FOR your PERSONAL needs and to share with another

WORLD'S ONLY self contained ELECTRIC, solo/TANDEM, SAFE SEX DEVICE. Intimacy never thought possible.

  • Welcome to MPT. The MPT and all forthcoming devices, adapters, and accessories are specifically intended to resolve the most common interference limited by the use of Adult Novelties that prevent too many amazing people who suffer from various sexual limitations, physical disabilities, and other forms of Intimate Contact Restrictions© (ICR©)  from having a natural and satisfying intimate moment, either with themselves, or with a partner.  The MPT is a device that is just for you and built to fit you and your personal needs. 


The MPT-Units are mechanical/electrical. ALL Mechanical Precision Technology LLC device are self contained with their own 15-20 hour power supply, solar panel charging system, and 120V recharging adapter.  The MPT is a recyclable product and has been designed with the utmost consideration for the environment.  MPT is climate caring.

The MPT is a device so diverse, it can be enjoyed lying down, standing up, in a chair, with a partner, with just yourself, the unit is a very quiet design and can be ordered in solo or tandem shared, Safe Sex in its proper use, and you can actually keep going from there with the possibilities...and then there's still so much more?  Never again worry about noisy machines, looking for a power source, and the dreaded dead batteries, the MPT devices are powered by a lasting internally power supply. 

All MPT devices are a "Build Your Own" style.  We provide an amazing single type MPT Unit, the MPT-1100VKI and from there you can choose how you want it. 

At MPT we see what devices and basic novelties are out on the market and they don't work for what the vast majority of people suffering from physical disabilities are actually able to use with themselves or with their partner.  Just another wasted dollar from your pocket. This is what we did differently from all of the others...we actually cared about making this right...and then figured it out!  After numerous designs and real testing, we made something that actually works and can be continually developed and possibly adapted to an individual's constantly changing personal needs? 

With MPT, you can now get back some or much of that lost ability and control, to meet your own personal needs.   The MPT is finally here for you. 


We want to make sure you have enough information to insure what works best to meet your needs.  That's right, just let us know if you have a specific requirement and we'll help figure out what adjustments you may need? If possible, we will invent an accessory for you," then make it!”  Just think, your specific and unique need, will then become an accessory that is part of our inventory to provide help to someone else who has the same or similar requirement? Not only was that always the plan with MPT, but that's just way cool!

Here's just a few of what we see are some of the most common obstructions found in the majority of personal devices on the market today. Continue below to the next section...


the world's leader in disability gratification devices

Novelty Supports Fail

Novelty Supports Fail

Novelty Supports Fail

ALL MPT Devices will provide the secure holding of your own personal vac-u-loc and Lady vibrator-style novelties in the positions that you want and where you want.  The patented MPT adapters and accessories will work for most all these style Novelties, so don’t lose that moment again!  Mechancial Precision Technology, LLC  adapters come with you device, NOT at an extra cost like others! 

NO Electricity Needed

Novelty Supports Fail

Novelty Supports Fail

NEVER again will no power outlet, dead and dying batteries, or no extension cord keep you or you and your partner from having that earned private time when you want to...ever again!  My MPT series of self contained electrical devices only needs you to get the job completely done! 

Limb Restrictions

Novelty Supports Fail

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

When your disabilities involve missing or limb restrictions, MPT is designed to your specific requirement.  Mechancial Precision Technology, LLC is the only gratification device in the World that builds to meet your personal physical needs. 

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Many couples find it wonderful to experience all that can be offered by another joining in their private times of pleasure, but this can also be very risky. For others, that is an experience they too want to enjoy, but know they probably never will. Until now! MPT Devices allow for the third person experience, without the dangers that can come with the 3rd person. So, enjoy the moment!

Safe Sex for Everybody

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Safe Sex for Everybody

When the desire to have an intimate experience with a new Partner is compromised by an individual disability, either from a physical limitation or ICR, ONLY the MPT series can prevent cross-contamination and without losing desired position diversity.  MPT provides confidence and trust, simply because touching isn't required for gratification? That's up to y'all?. 

Traveling MPT 880TRV

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Safe Sex for Everybody

MPT Clients will also have a travelling option, the MPT-880TRV is moving forward into Manufacturing. This MPT-880TRV is designed for only one user and nicely compact for easy travel. The MPT-880TRV will still be able to receive all the same novelty attachments, as all MPT devices are interchangeable.  This is great for the traveler.  MPT-880TRV custom Carry Case insures privacy. 

WORLD'S only self-contained disability Solo/Tandem device.

Having Safe-Sex is now SAFER and more satisfying than ever thought possible.

The MPT-1100VKI is our multi functional aluminum and Acrylic model that started from the Prototype Oak and Steel 80R for those with sever disabilities and the BBW/SSBBW community. 

Let the MPT helps create the fun you've always wanted and  with users each having their own novelty, the possibility of cross contamination becomes nearly eliminated. 

All MPT Units are for everybody. ALL personal novelty holding attachment, specifically, the vac-U-lock (MPTvLock) and Lady Vibrator style accessories, come with your device, so no need to worry about ordering or an extra cost.  


MPT Product Design, ENGINEERING, & Business Management by...


You've just started to MPT

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Help continue development of personal disability devices

Help continue development of personal disability devices

Your contribution will enable us to continue developing designs, manufacturing operations, and our grand launch of the Mechancial Precision Technology, LLC product line of devices.  We are very grateful for your generosity.