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For your PERSONAL Adult Enjoyment

 Introducing the MPT-1100. A Safe Sex Gratification Device that can always change the way you do. The Worlds only Tandem and Safe Sex device that you can change when you need it to, AND STILL,  using the same original device you bought!  Just upgrade your legs or actuator rod and you can up the size, and still, using the original device you purchased. 


Who Is MPT for?

For Her

Never worry about not having a satisfying moment alone again!

For Him

You'll certainly have your own use for the MPT...odds are high on you and a partner discovering a whole new incredible shared experience!  Yes, you can handle it...maybe?

For All Of US

The MPT Device allows for a new way of self gratification and being able to share that experience without cross contamination of the Novelty or of you!