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ICR - Intimate Contact Restrictions and other Disabilities w

All Disabilities Are Personal & Have Different Challenges


NEVER ABANDON INTIMACY with yourself or others

Having new Disabilities, discovering new Challenges, and Your Age is catching up!


Not everybody looks like the disabilities they live with? Here is an example... 

Near the end of 2014, this survivor was impatiently waiting to die. He was being physically destroyed and broken down more and more every passing day, seeing his body dissolve from 220lb to 125lb in 5 months...he knows exactly how it feels to go through an extremely fast developing terminal illness, followed by an unexpected, very long, and forever incomplete recovery.  Fortunately, always being a very upbeat, glass is half full, overflowing with adorable tenacity, high energy disposition that can be extremely exhausting to many, and exudes motivation, keeps this type of Guy moving forward.       

The cause of this incident was best attributed to an abusive life, but not how you would commonly think?  In his case, it was from LIVING life, unafraid and always at full speed. Nothing's changed in that attitude, just in the very restricted limits placed on most of his abilities that were caused by this event.  Starting in his early 20s to present day, he received several knee injuries (primary)causing 4 surgeries, several neck injuries causing three fusions, 4 shoulder surgeries, wrist surgeries, numerous head injuries, several forms of high impact body events, rib fractures and lacerations, all associated with an extreme recreational/sports lifestyle, a profession in Architecture, Construction Project Management, and 15yrs SWAT/Tactical and Felony Interdiction Law Enforcement, that apparently did some serious damage!  Who knew? Over time, it all caught up and caused a sudden physical deterioration preceded by DVTs promoting rapid and repeating blood clots...that just never ended!  So, with extreme prejudice, the clotting disorder gave it a hail-ya-Mary of an effort to do the job right, as would be expected, and threw double and bilateral PEs to the lungs, twice!...he had to give it respect for that effort, it sure as hell deserved it!  

Then, discovering some weeds are too ugly and hard to kill and he was just too damn sexy of a Houttynia cordata, the 'Chameleon Plant', the Cosmos decided to give up (what-a-quitter)...and he survived.  Soon enough and forever changed, he quickly discovered a life complicated with many very unexpected debilitating challenges that could never be overcome and a physical structure he will never have back again! Followed by another four surgeries involving shoulders, wrist, knees, and still pending more...for some of us, reality just doesn't need to be explained..we get it just fine...and move on!  

So here's a paradox by definition...his surviving was accredited to the decades of an extremely active lifestyle and an aggressive training regimen that combined, gave him the heart and lungs to win.  As recovery slowly came and time passed, the realization of how these types of aggressive illnesses, accidents, aging, and many other causation limiting flexibility and movement of arms, legs and spinal interference, can dramatically affect, and/or destroy, a "personal" life...was reality-awakening.  

Being forced to compensate as he could and accepting new found limitations on his life, he started thinking compassionately of so many others who are not given the same choices or options that he felt were given to him during and after recovery, and then realized...for many people out there this can be fixed! 

It would need to be an aided mechanical/electrical device, it must be designed with unique qualities not ever seen before in order to be enjoyed by those with various disabilities and even those who are healthy and active simply seeking something fun and exciting. 

During recovery and seeing how drastically limited from where he was, it became manageable and is now a lifestyle that he can accept.  Although many, if not most, spine and joint disabilities are still forever changing, there are too many other circumstances of illnesses and injuries that don't give so many others a choice? It was for those in the community with disabilities the inspiration for, "Mechanical; Precision Technology, LLC" was developed. The rest of the story, simply because so many found it damn fun and brought new life into their general and routine sex life...that's just awesome too! 

Everybody wins with the MPT.  



It really is something very different