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MPT is about your own personal needs, as it should be!

Here is a little on the operational side of the MPT 880TRV and 1100VKI Devices

Mechanical Precision Technology, which is MPT, and it is exactly as it sounds...Mechanical/Electrical in use, Precision in effectiveness, and Technology as never before seen in a device for personal performance and gratification needs for those with disabilities. The MPT is a Health and Wellness device that provides a new and unique self-gratification experience, while also providing Tandem enjoyment allowing for an amazing SAFE SEX experience. This type of device has never been developed before.


Here are some straight-up facts: 


1) Only MPT gives a device of this quality a 90 - 180 day layaway purchase plan and your own private revolving purchase account. 


2) All adapters to accommodate Vac-U-lock or Lady Vibrator novelties come with it at no extra charge. Extra adapters can be purchased if needed, 


3) 3 yr and 6 yr service and maintenance warranty, with full replacement guarantee available through our "MOC Service and Restoration Warranty Packages. $69.95 Per year, that’s right, per YEAR, you can keep your MPT serviced, wearable parts replaced, full unit replacement options available, and a once every three-year full restoration of your MPT. If a unit isn't operating correctly, just send it to us in the shipping box it came in, print out the new shipping label, call for UPS pick up or drop off at your local UPS store, and we'll replace the part or parts required to bring it to MAXIMUM OPERATIONAL CONDITION at no cost to you. No fine print of exclusions (blatant abuse is identified by our technicians), just read the package that is best for you and add it to your cart. All conditions are in clear print. 


4) You have your own secure account to order upgrades and new models from, and always with an applied established Client discount, and your own 90 - 180-day payment plan, whenever you need it. NO, there is no extra charge for that, If you don't pay it off in 90 or 180 days your cart empties, and your funds are returned to you. MPT never has access these funds. Only when it's paid in full, do we receive the funds to build your device. So, there is no risk to you or MPT. However, if you do withdraw your funds, your privilege will be suspended until you complete a full purchase as originally intended. That's only fair. Then your given a 90 layaway for all your purchasing needs.  After completing that successfully, your 180 days is returned to you.


5) Any new device or accessory you perchance will be adaptable to your previously purchased MPT units, always interchangeable with any other past or future MPT models and accessories, anything we make will be attachable to your MPT-1100VKI.


6) Only MPT allows you to build your own personal device to accommodate a specific need involving size or level of usage requirements, and affordable because this too you can do a 90 – 180 day layaway.  No Adult Novelty can give back and do for you, or your partner, what MPT can. You will not find anything like this Device in an Adult Novelty Store, this is more personal.


Yes, this is for you, or you and another. The options for positions will probably give you an experience you may have never had before. You can have a sexual experience without having to make contact, but you get ALL the enjoyment allowed by your own personal operations.

It was quickly discovered after extensive client testing that this was the most incredible experience in personal gratification, they ever imagined possible, and when completed...beyond satisfied! That's when we knew the designed needed to be perfected and adapted for ALL our clients, and you can speak directly to your own MPT Precision Specialist and get your MPT built. 


Now for a relaxing piece of information, it’ll come shipped to you totally discreet, ready for quick assembly and ready to go! 


All MPT units can be equipped to use most any of the various vac-u-locking and Lady vibrator style novelties, but unlike other electrical type machines currently listed on the market, it specifically allows for Single or Tandem customization for those who suffer from various disabilities. 

What does this machine do?  

1. It adapts novelties for both men and women.  MPT will hold your Vac-U-lock or Lady Vibrator. You can easily maneuver your body as fast and at the angle you choose to provide the maximum pleasure…where others will fail by not having the holding capabilities or power to operate at a pleasurable pace and/or speed that only you can determine.  You may consider taking this opportunity to change to the Vac-u-locking style with your new MPT purchase. Amazon has amazing choices.

2. Sometimes having a sexual moment with another is more risk-taking due to the possibility of failure by condoms and other shared devices. This does not allow for such cross contamination unless you allow it.  Having a partner sharing on one side of the MPT and you controlling the device, means the other is along for the ride. 


3. Self-gratification is an art that with the MPT offers a completely new experience that you have never felt before and can only be provided by your own operation.  After all, it is your body and you know it best...the MPT will most likely be a very unexpected experience that is only defined by AMAZING! 


REMEMBER…you can always request a custom MPT. Maybe you want a longer range of motion (7” to 12”), or a multi-way model, taller height, wider or extra duty leg supports. If you are thinking of something and want to know if it’s possible to design and make, send us an email and lets discuss the construction of your Own custom MPT.  You'll be put in touch with your own MPT Precision Specialist. 


If you have a specific question about the MPT, please contact us: Enjoy your new MPT-1100VKI and the service doesn't stop after you buy, we keep working to insure your complete satisfaction and always inventing to keep developing and meeting your own personal needs.